Depending on the individuals care and reaction to the process, it usually takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days to heal nicely.

1. Remove the bandage as soon as you arrive home (no longer than 2 hours from completion)

2. Wash your hands with a mild anti bacterial soap. Wash your tattoo in cold water with anti bacterial soap with your clean hands only. DO NOT USE A WASH CLOTH OR SPONGE. Lather and rinse a couple of times until completely clean and smooth.

3. Pat dry with a clean paper towel or AIR DRY for at least 20 minutes.

4. Using a clean finger, apply a thin layer of aftercare rubbing it in COMPLETELY, you must wipe off the extra (leave nothing ON the tattoo). Some recommendations are Aquaphor, Ink-eeze, A & D, or other comparable products.

5. Wait 10 minutes and blot off the bubbles of fluid (plasma) with a new damp paper towel. Lightly blot until no more plasma is appearing. Plasma is bad for your tattoo. It is critical you prevent plasma from accumulating, drying and sticking to the surface of your tattoo. When it’s dry it looks shiny and a crusty. Wash your tattoo if you see a buildup of plasma. This build up creates scabs, and scabs will cause loss of color and a rough heal.


7. After 3-4 days you stop steps 4 thru 5 and start using a fragrance free lotion a couple times daily.

8. Your tattoo will peel and flake, this is normal. Lotion your tattoo!

Some ideal lotions are Ink-eeze , Lubriderm, Eucerin, Aquaphore etc

*Change the linens/sheets on your bed frequently if you have animals

*Wear loose clothing around the tattoo (repeated rubbing will irritate your tattoo, it can cause redness and swelling. FOOT TATTOOS: Try to wear ballet flats or flip flops and try to stay off your feet to reduce selling

*Stay hydrated, drinking lots of water. Well hydrated skin helps tattoos heal faster.


DO NOT over saturate with ointment…a little bit goes a long way. A dab will do ya.

DO NOT let pets come in contact with your new tattoo… no licking or scratching or rubbing on

DO NOT expose to direct sunlight/tanning for at least 14 days Use sunscreen after its healed to protect your tattoo

DO NOT pull off clothing if it sticks to the tattoo…Wet the clothing and slowly let it release on its own

DO NOT listen to your friends or random websites they are NOT professionals.

DO NOT submerge your tattoo in water. No Jacuzzis, bathtubs, pools or ocean. Showers are fine please take them

DO NOT play contact sports or lay on gym mats etc. Sweat contains bacteria and can result in infection

DO NOT shave the tattooed area until all scabs are gone

DO NOT use alcohol or peroxide, cocoa butter, Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly or the likeness on your tattoo

If for any reason your tattoo develops a DARK redness, fever, or a puss-like discharge or anything resembling infection please contact a medical professional as well as us at Skin Vandals Tattoo 405-329-8282, 1013b N. Flood Ave. Norman Ok. 73069


DO NOT use ANY product marked “For External Use Only” including, but not limited to, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, lidocaine (e.g. Bactine), triple antibiotic ointment (e.g. Neosporin), antiseptic (e.g. Betadine/Hibiclens etc.).

 Use products that will not irritate the piercing and will facilitate fast healing, such as:

  1. A mild, fragrance-free liquid soap-preferably anti-microbial or germicidal.
  2. Packaged sterile saline solution with NO additives
  3. Non-iodized sea salt mixture: Dissolve 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt into one cup (8 oz) of warm distilled or bottled water.


Always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing! Use Q-tips to clean your new piercing along with the cleaning solution(s) recommended for your piercing for the *entire* healing time. Do this even if the piercing looks or feels healed sooner.  DO not twist your jewelry, slide it back and forth. Do not move the piercing jewelry when the site is crusty; it does more harm to the piercing site than good. ICE your new piercing for the first 3 to 4 days to help prevent swelling.  DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS!!!

  1. Do not play with the new piercing, physical irritation is the worst!
  2. When clothing is in contact with the piercing, make sure it is clean, loose and breathable.    
  3. No swimming or baths for 3-4 weeks
  4. ICE your new piercing at least 3 to 4x daily for the first 3 to 4 days.
  5. Do not change your piercing jewelry for at least 10 weeks from piercing date

EARLOBES: clean 2-3 times daily

EAR CARTILAGE: clean 2-3 times daily, as cartilage is prone to developing cysts. Be sure to rinse jewelry and ear after shampooing to remove residue. Clean ear after using styling products. Cartilage piercings are tender to sleep on, avoid sleeping on your new piercing as irritation will extend the healing time.

NOSTRIL/SEPTUM: clean 2-3 times daily inside and out with a saline saturated q-tip. Keep make up out of your new nostril piercing

EYEBROW: clean 2-3 times daily.

TONGUE: use alcohol-free antiseptic mouth wash 3- 4 times daily. You will have swelling for about a week. Eat small meals and frozen fruit bars, ice chips slushies etc. Advil, Aleve and Motrin will help swelling. Check to be sure the barbell balls are screwed on tight and be sure to downsize’ after healing.

LABRETS-LIPS-MONROE: clean 3-4 times daily, inside and out. Remember that intra-oral healing appears white. If a stud was used, expect the disc to embed slightly into the lip over time, but do not allow new skin to form over the disc. If this begins, see your piercer immediately for a jewelry change. Downsize post length on stud (if used) after 2-3 weeks.  

NAVEL: clean 2-3 times daily. Expect some redness at the edges for up to a couple of months. Protect the area from restrictive clothing, excess irritation, and impact during physical activities such as contact sports. Pants or skirt lines should be worn below your navel or it can be irritated so badly that it will not heal.  Limit exercise for the first 2 weeks.

NIPPLES: clean 2-3 daily. No oral contact for about 2-3 weeks.

GENITAL: Clean area 3-4 times daily. Refrain from oral/sexual contact or contact with bodily fluids for at least 2 to 3 weeks.  Using a condom then is advised.

*Keloids/Scars/Cysts: Some piercings are prone to developing keloids, scars, or cysts. A cyst is a fluid filled bump very close to the piercing. Usually they are tender; do not attempt to pop a suspected cyst. Regular sea salt soaks encourages drainage. Should a cyst occur and sea salts soaks offer no relief, contact your physician.  If you have any questions during the healing of your piercing or if you develop any complications, dark redness, or what may seem like infection please contact us at Skin Vandals Tattoo & Piercing: 405-329-8282 1013b N. Flood Ave. Norman OK. 73069 and/or contact a medical professional.